Innovators Hub – The Future of Liverpool’s Digital and Creative Network

Innovators Hub – The Future of Liverpool’s Digital and Creative Network



Liverpool is a city of possibility; a thriving arts scene, a plethora of skill sets thanks to five universities and numerous colleges, and one of the fastest growing digital economies in the UK.

There is probably nowhere that demonstrates this more clearly than Liverpool’s unofficial creative district, The Baltic Triangle. Recording studios, graphic designers and digital marketing agencies are just a few examples of businesses the area now boasts. It’s an area brimming with potential.

It’s not hard to imagine that if pulled together in the right way, the city could easily become something much greater than the simple sum of it’s parts.

Someone who is likely inclined to agree with this thinking is Robyn Dooley, creator of Liverpool creative talent agency, Innovators Hub.

“Liverpool is incredibly creative, vibrant. Why aren’t they providing the opportunities?” she asks, explaining the thinking behind the business. “I help connect young creatives aged 16 to 30 with businesses within creative and digital [industries], and that’s mostly through paid internships, freelancing opportunities and events.

Robyn is both ambitious and easy to talk to, not a bad combination for someone who is essentially trying to organise a network of stereotypically scatty individuals – creatives.

Her vision is, essentially, to pool Liverpool’s creative resources and skill sets into one central network to create something bigger; opportunities, collaborations, enterprise. It makes a lot of sense.

The idea of the value of network expanding exponentially as more people join it is nothing new. The bigger a network, the greater it’s potential. That’s what makes Innovators Hub such an exciting project.

The creation of a successful creative network in the city has the potential to change Liverpool’s entire creative landscape, helping facilitate more successful creative collaborations and enterprises than ever before, and firmly cementing Liverpool’s place as one of the UK’s biggest creative hubs.

This idea of unlocking potential is central to the driving factor behind the creation of Innovators Hub; the potential for something magic.

The key is pulling established businesses, startups and freelancers, across the board of the digital and creative industries into one central network.

“My aim is to build a community. You have already got this established community here of freelancers and established businesses that are at networking events all the time. Then you’ve got all these people who have just left university or who are still in college or have been freelancers for several years, but they haven’t got a good network,” Robyn explains. “Why not bring all that together? It would be ridiculous not to. You’ve got all these skills. As soon as you marry them together you’ve got something incredible.”

She will also be facilitating a series of networking events throughout the year that she calls, ‘Compass’.

“My aim in to get introverts into one room and loosen them up a bit, give them that freedom to talk,” Robyn says, recounting the difficulties she found with networking in the very early days of setting up the business and the significance of networking for people working in the creative and digital industries, particularly as such a large part of these industries is made up of freelancers.

“I know a lot of creative people, they don’t get that opportunity to network, so having these events where its kind of lose and not so dedicated on building business rather than building connections, I hope that I can bring that.” She assures us that we can expect to see more workshops and events popping up in the not too distant future

Her aim now is to continue to expand, develop and utilise Innovators Hub’s existing database.

“I want people in the network to be able to build Innovators Hub with me, so it’s not just my own, it’s everyone else’s” Robyn tells us.

It’s an ambitious project to undertake, but not an unrealistic one and in a city with so much potential and that thrives continually on it’s creativity, as Robyn puts it, “ it would be ridiculous not to.”


Words: Satin Beige

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