The Startup Triangle

the startup tirangle


Welcome to The Stew’s Startup Triangle! But what is it about this three sided shape we’re getting so excited about?

We at The Stew are pushing the notion of a Startup Triangle, connecting the startup communities of Liverpool, Dublin and Isle of Man. But why these three places? Well it’s simple…

Liverpool has in recent years had the highest rate of new startups in the UK. This may be to do with the fact that Liverpool may not have had many startups to start off with in the first place however it shows a unprecedented entrepreneurial surge in the city. It shows ambition, drive and determination and after delving in to the Liverpool startup scene ourselves, it’s not long until you find you can’t take a step without hearing about a genius new startup.

Dublin is home to Grand Canal Docks, dubbed ‘Silicon Docks’, a nod to Silicon Valley. Here and elsewhere in Dublin you will find the likes of Google, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook… you name it and they’re all here. And where there are world leading tech companies there are world leading tech minds, setting up their own shop and inspiring others around them. Dublin is a happening startup scene and we would be uber-daft not get excited over it. Andrew Beattie of The City Tribune discusses it with The Stew here.

Isle of Man, for such a tiny island there is such a wealth of business minds and high net investors. Whether Venture Capitalists take up residence here for the weather or for the tax benefits we’ll never know. What we do know is that the people funding some of the most exciting things right now are here, there are over 150 e-commerce businesses alone on the tiny 15 x 30 mile strip and the Isle of Man Department of Economic Development have a £50 million budget to boost business on island. They tell The Stew all about it here.

So what do we get when we bring all three together? We get an unstoppable Startup Triangle. The Stew Startup Triangle! A place to take a risk, follow your entrepreneurial inclination and finally start that business you always wanted to.


Joe ManGone